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Automation Controls Engineer (136787) Masters, BSME / CNC Machining, Automotive, Steel, Pipe, Robotics, and Automation Mfg Operations / Michigan

Controls / Automation Engineer with 25 years of experience in CNC Machining, Automotive, Steel, Pipe, Robotics, and Automation manufacturing operations He has a Masters and a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and is a Six Sigma Carnegie Way II Champion. He has extensive experience in machining operations and has developed complete integration packages and processes for CNC equipment. He has an incredible breadth of controls experience with CNC, robotics, conveyors, welding, loaders/stackers and other production equipment. He has worked on 3 to 7-axis CNC machines including mills, lathes, EDM, mill-turns, and multi-station machines. He also has provided automation support for steel tube manufacturing. He has done it all in CNC operations, from custom design, programming, layout, installation, upgrades, and troubleshooting. This candidate has a depth and breadth of experience with plant automation and CNC machining that is rare! He has supported Tier 1 operations and has taught college courses on Advanced Manufacturing Technology! His extensive machining and automation background makes him an ideal candidate for you.

His impressive experience includes:

• Evaluation of control system feature requirements to develop CNC specifications for targeted machine tools and/or manufacturing process
• Develop HMI-based CNC packages for specific manufacturing applications
• Testing, evaluation, and quality control of CNC control system, components, and accessories
• Technical support for OEM and System Integrators in installation, PLC development, and Machine parameters
• OEMs and System Integrator applications include 3 to 6 axes machining centers, broaching machines, turning centers, special purpose manufacturing centers, Laser, waterjet, and Plasma cutting machines.
• Machine tool PLC for various milling, grinding, and hot-wire cutting machine tool applications.
• Develop interactive cycle programs that work with PLC and HMI to form a complete machining process.
• Develop NC programs and Macros for customer-specific applications.
• Establishment and setup of a CNC machining facility for high-precision and complex machining applications.
• Developed plant layout and equipment specifications in Engineering & Procurement phase.
• Supervised installation and commissioning of the facility equipment during the construction phase.
• R&D of high-end CAM features for exotic machining and complex toolpath applications utilizing my field expertise in CNC machine tools and manufacturing process development.
• Implemented Vericut and CAMWorks for modeling the machines and simulating machining processes for 3 to 5 axis
• machines and multi-station machines.
• Provided expert advice to the upcoming CNC machine tools manufacturing facility for their CNC controls division
• Developed specifications of the CNC controls for the proposed functionality of their machine tools.
• Integrated special-purpose machine tools like CNC horizontal and vertical mill-turn centers, 4-axes machining centers, 4-axes grinding centers, rapid & multi-tool automated drill systems, and part loading automation.
• Designed and built custom robotics, CNC machines, automation systems, machine vision systems, and process control systems for the manufacturing industry, laboratories, packaging systems, and material handling systems.
• Managed automation projects including conceptual design, overseeing schematic design and design development, organizing procurement of components and fabrication of custom parts, assembly, control systems integration, programming, and testing & validation.
• Software development for robotic motion control systems, PLC programming for automated equipment, and process control of industrial plants.
• Used Unigraphics and Autocad for design purposes. Some notable designs, developments, and integrations:
o Part Loader for a CNC Grinding Machine
o Hot-Wire Foam Cutting CNC Machine
o Vacuum / Forming Molding System
o Plastic Bag Punch & Stack Machine
o Car Axle-Beam Cold Forming Line
o 3-axes Robotic Test Tube Loader for Labs
o PET Thermoforming Machine
o Aluminum Engine Block Annealing Automation
o Seat-Belt Buckle Assembly Automation
o Robotic Engine Gasket Dispensing
o Brake Pedal Assembly Automation
o PCB Conveyors, Loaders, and Stackers
o Vision-Based Seam Tracker for CNC Laser Welding
o 3-axes Vision Inspection System for Scan Inspection of Car Trims
• Develop state-of-the-art machining and manufacturing processes by integrating open-architecture CNC controls with the efficient mechanical and electrical design of machine tools and fine-tuning of all systems.
• Designed & integrated linear & rotary tables, work or tool holders & loaders, tool changers, high-pressure & flow-rate coolant delivery systems, jigs & fixtures using mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic & electrical components

• CNC Controls: Siemens, Okuma, Mitsubishi, Heidenhain, Bosch, PA 8000, Fanuc, DeltaTau
• PLC: IEC1131, Omron, RS Logix, Siemens, Modicon, Bonus, LG, Symax, Proficy
• SCADA: Labview, Wonderware, FactoryTalk (FT View), iFIX, PAVis
• Motion Control: Parker 6K, Galil, Quicksilver, Yaskawa, Omron, Baldor and others
• Robotics: Custom Robots, Seimens, Motoman, ABB
• Embedded Systems: Microcontroller and PIC programming using MikroC and Keil C.
• Communication Protocols: Sercos, Devicenet, PowerBus, CANbus, COM, LPT
• Programming Languages: C#.NET, VB.NET, Java, C, C++, Assembly
• CAM Systems: MasterCAM, Partmaker, Boxford, GeoCAM, Delcam, ArtCam, BobCad
• CAD Softwares: NX, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, ProEngineer, Unigraphics
• Operating systems: Dos, Windows, Linux, Unix
• Utility Softwares: MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, MS CRM
• Six Sigma Green Belt
• HMI – Human Machine Interface
• SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
• PAC – Programmable automation controller
• PCs
• Variable frequency drives VFDs
• Keyence Vision Systems
• RTUs
• Stepper Systems
• Servo systems
• Embedded controllers
• Conveyors
• Furnace Controls
• Analog circuits / Digital circuits
• Labeling Equipment
• Hydraulic systems / Pneumatic systems
• Optical Inspection / Vision systems
• Mazak CNC / Haas CNC / Mori CNC / Seiki CNC / Okuma CNC
• Batch Process Control
• Connectimg VFD to control networks
• Control System Design
• Documentation Packages
• Drive Configuration
• Equipment Design / Build / Upgrades
• Fluid controls
• Managing outside resources for automation work

•M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
• B.S. in Mechanical Engineering