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How Technology Is Altering The Face Of The Mining Industry

The real ROI of the mining industry can be challenging to determine. Innovative technologies for data collection and automated procedures assist in revealing the value.

Mining companies are significantly enhancing the functionality of individual sites due to the availability of increased interpretation and diverse mining data, automation, and analytics. Mining experts can free themselves up to focus on more important jobs that require human expertise by using smart devices, robotic systems, AI & automation technologies to assign regular menial work to robots & automation software.

Each innovation renders manual labor in some manner. Automation in the mining industry highlights where people could invest their time and effort most effectively, compared to eliminating human oversight. By delivering accurate data & interpretations to support fast and educated decisions, artificial intelligence (AI) can assist humans in quickly understanding large amounts of data and removing traditional barriers.

These are the kinds of decisions that can protect both your financial condition and the security of your geologists & geotechnical engineers. Innovative solutions have been seen that take all of this into account.

How Mining Companies Can Continue to succeed

The results of mining experts who embrace new technology and give their 

Leaders, the freedom to use it is safer, more inventive, and less expensive. But don’t just believe what we say. Every day, new trends develop that make it easier to streamline processes & ensure everyone’s safety in the mine.

Here are the four approaches that have produced positive results.

Develop a Digital Twin

Constantly shifting terrain within and around the pit may now represent digitally, thanks to advancements in the mining industry. This complementary solution, when used in conjunction with drone-based capture, processing, & cloud access, can offer comprehensive insight through all phases of mining, from exploration & planning to build, production, closures, and even reclamation. With a digital twin, the whole company uses the same information to combine their expertise, execute a shared vision, and directly compare what is happening in the mines.

More specifically, highwall scanning during mining & production phases can perform using this drone-based 3D data capturing and processing technology. It delivers high-quality data from accessible high walls more rapidly, allowing the surveyor and the other members of the team to access data for decision-making more frequently. Additionally, it speeds up access to time-sensitive information for geologists and geotechnical engineers, enhancing the efficiency of resource identification, pit design, and excavation.

Monitor and implement remote sensing with 3D data capture.

Intelligent sensors can be combined in a drone to gather data on the status of critical areas, such as mine tailings data on the quality of the essential regions such as mines tailings. This information allows mine management to make more informed decisions that can significantly increase community & mine safety. 

Using such technology can also benefit mining companies in proactively identifying the areas where their operations’ effectiveness needs improvement.

Embracing an autonomous approach

In the mining industry, automation and big data go hand in hand. Mining businesses can now completely rethink their operations due to the advancement of mining techniques and autonomous equipment. Each part of a mining area, including heavy equipment, is being examined, and automation is used whenever practical. By increasing speed and efficiency, some locations have been able to reduce cycle durations and boost production by up to 25%.

Standardization process

Technological improvements in the mining sector can also cause fragmentation because various departments may use incompatible technologies. The only companies that have already achieved the ROI to expand beyond pilot projects are those who standardize on particular platforms and procedures, even if experimentation is essential for any innovation.

Innovation in the mining sector is increasingly becoming important for companies that aim to stay competitive. Considering that the advantages provided by mining innovation are still unexplored, this trend will only get stronger over time. Businesses that adopt technology today and benefit from data & automation can position themselves to be more successful for years.

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